What is JackPair?

JackPair is an affordable tool that enables average citizens to protect themselves against wiretapping. It’s a pair of encryption devices you put in between your phone and headset, which are connected through standard 3.5mm audio jacks. You can secure your phone line by simply pushing the JackPair button, and your voice will be encrypted. There’s no password to remember, no software to install, no service to subscribe to, and it works with any phone through a standard audio jack.

Affordable Tool For Everyone

The existing secure phones on the market today cost anywhere from over six hundred to a few thousand dollars. It's out of reach for most people, and the worst part is that, you have to give up the phones you're using everyday, and switch to whatever secure phone models dictated by the vendors. With JackPair, we're enabling every citizen to protect our own privacy by making it under a hundred bucks, and you get to keep using your favorite phones while talking through JackPair's Secure Line.