How does JackPair work?

A short video on how to use JackPair

One-Click Solution

Using JackPair, you can easily protect your privacy by just pushing the JackPair button. During a phone call, if both sides have JackPair installed, both sides can simply push the JackPair button to pair up the two JackPair devices. This triggers JackPair to encrypt your voice conversation using a One-Time-Secret -Key (OTSK) that is created on the fly. The same OTSK is automatically-created and self-destroyed at both ends without leaving the JackPair box. This means you don’t have to remember any password, and no one can break into your conversation without this One-Time-Secret-Key.

Work With Any Phone

JackPair is a standard audio adapter that can be plugged into any phone with a headset and microphone. At any time during a phone call, both parties can plug in the JackPair device to continue their conversation in secure mode over the same call. JackPair is connected with phones through its 3.5 mm audio jack, which is the universal standard as the audio interface for all kinds of devices, including all tablets, laptops, personal computers, and most mobile phones & Voice-Over-IP devices. For plain old telephone sets, JackPair also includes a RJ9-to-3.5mm converter for handset-free operation(*). Unlike other security devices on the market that are hard to use and work only with specific phones or carriers, JackPair is compatible with all of your favorite phones today. With JackPair, you don’t have to make the trade-off between personal security and life style. (*): optional accessories included in Full Pack only.

In addition to the 3.5mm audio jack, we also have Bluetooth in our pipeline for the second-generation JackPair. This will make it even easier for you to protect your voice while keep using your favorite phones & gadgets, and it will also prevent Bluetooth headsets from being eavesdropped, since your voice is encrypted by JackPair before it’s transmitted through Bluetooth headsets. Stay tuned for more update on Bluetooth.